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A McKinsey Company
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What We Offer
Our superpower is to make change personal, at scale and systemic. We work with leaders, their teams and whole organizations to catalyze and sustain their transformations.
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To support leaders transform themselves, teams and their organizations, we offer three core programs:

  • Purpose and Culture Transformations. We shape the human side of broader transformations by shifting mindsets to drive performance and health.
  • Team Acceleration Journeys. We help create purpose-driven teams to foster trust, renew with diverse perspectives and drive transformational impact.
  • Leadership Development Experiences. We make change personal by facilitating self-authorship in leaders in the context of their business challenges and day-to-day work.
Featured Specialties

We offer three specialty programs that can be taken as stand-alone options or integrated into a broader transformation:

  • Wilderness Trails. We invite and challenge leaders to a learning experience in nature and use nature as a vehicle for personal or team transformation, and to reflect, reconnect, and rediscover their purpose and passion.
  • Leadership Energy. We facilitate the path to master energy in mind, body and soul, and stay centered to renew and be balanced in life and in business.
  • Inclusive Leadership. We offer workshops, coaching, and learning journeys to help leaders create human centered organizations where diversity and inclusion can thrive.
Purpose and Culture Transformations
Our Programs

Change initiatives take place all the time. But 70 percent of them don’t succeed – mainly because they fail to properly address key aspects of human and organizational behavior.

We get involved when organizations need to shift their culture, renew their sense of purpose, adopt agile ways of working, build capabilities for innovation, or embrace some other form of radical change.

We always work closely with our clients as co-creators in a shared endeavor. Together we identify the key behavioral shifts to make the human side of transformation happen and to ensure it is sustainable.

We use a variety of diagnostic tools to help organizations understand their starting point, including the Organizational Health Index (OHI), Values Assessments, Deep Structure Interviews, Impact Essentials, but also Systems Thinking and Theory U.

This way we facilitate the transformation of purpose, culture, leaders and capabilities, not just isolated changes.

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Team Acceleration Journeys
Our Programs

Whether your organization has a new leader or a new strategy, lacks focus or energy, or is starting to experience dysfunctional working patterns, we can design and deliver a program to meet your needs.

Aberkyn’s leadership team acceleration programs build capabilities to create purpose-led, high-trust teams in which diverse talents will flourish and decisively lead their business and transformation.

We start the leadership team acceleration with the Leadership Team Effectiveness survey (LTE), a diagnostic tool for measuring where the team stands on four aspects of team effectiveness: alignment, execution, renewal, and configuration. We then take a field-and-forum approach that combines in-person or virtual workshops with on-the-job fieldwork and optional team or individual coaching.

Team dynamics act as emotional triggers that leaders can learn from, spurring personal development. Working together in a team journey guided by Aberkyn facilitators, builds mutual trust and support among team members

This approach inspires a high level of engagement and accelerates the effectiveness of the leadership team.

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Leadership Development Experiences
Our Programs

Aberkyn’ s leadership development programs focus on personal transformation helping individual leaders work towards personal transformation in a live environment that includes real teams, business challenges, and group dynamics.

Our leadership development programs start with a series of  stakeholder interviews and a leadership assessment to determine the critical themes. Then participants take part in an in-person or virtual workshop on the topics of leading oneself, leading others, and leading organizations. Experiential learning and fieldwork are integrated as well and provide opportunities for coaching and feedback.

To complement our personal leadership work with the participants, we bring in the digital learning and behavioral nudging of McKinsey Academy, and link to McKinsey & Company practices to bring in the deep functional and industry expertise.

This approach brings about positive change in individual leaders and unlocks their full potential.

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Featured Specialty
Wilderness Trails

We invite and challenge leaders and teams to engage in a learning experience in nature to foster  transformation and unlock their full potential.

Featured Specialty
Inclusive Leadership

We offer workshops, coaching, and learning journeys to help leaders create human-centered organizations where diversity and inclusion can thrive.

Featured Specialty
Leadership Energy

We facilitate the path to master energy in mind, body and soul, and stay centered to renew and be balanced in life and in business.