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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Stefan Gebert Affiliate Advisor

I serve leaders and groups to fully elicit their innate capacities for high performance collaboration.

Facilitating spaces that increase individual and group consciousness to enable transformational shifts in how we work together is at the core of my contribution to clients. I help in aligning vision, values and needs with operation, increasing the quality and quantity of decision–making and leveraging the energies held up in conflict.

Originating from Germany, my journey of life and work has taken me to a number of different countries and cultures in Europe and Asia. I have worked in various MNCs, L&D related organisations and as an In–house Consultant for Organisational Development. I trust in the power of generative spaces that exist beyond right/wrong and either/or thinking and that help us engage with the unknown and derive new possibilities from that experience. It is an ongoing joy for me to see people connect and truly collaborate across thematic and cultural boundaries in this sphere, and to support them in transforming organisational structures accordingly.

Clients often describe me as someone who holds space with a combination of depth and lightness that empowers people to connect with their strengths and their interdependence, enabling them to see themselves and others in a new light.

I live together with my Indo–German family in the south of India. Besides engaging in community work, I love connecting with the earth and nature and I am currently exploring energy work, meditation techniques and new forms of sound generation and music. A walk in a beautiful thunderstorm can get me out of bed any time.