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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Welmoed Kronemeijer Senior Affiliate Advisor

I believe that leaders have great potential when placed in the right business context, and that teams can become “high performing teams” when managed well. My purpose is to inspire and connect leaders to be whole so that we can transform their business and world and unite people.

I am deeply passionate about unleashing the hidden potential of leaders, teams and organizations through executive individual, team coaching and organizational transformation. I facilitate  leaders to transform the way they work and collaborate with others across boundaries, so that they can renew and develop themselves, their business, and the culture of their organization.

Clients say that I bring a unique and powerful blend of results–orientation and focus, a disarming attitude and deep empathy. I creates a safe and reflective environment that encourages open and honest dialogue, and creates tipping points for individual executives and teams. I work intuitively, and use myself as an instrument to assess visible and hidden dynamics. Unlocking the potential in people and lead them into a space of “flow” is what I think is the key. Growing up in Malaysia and Norway, I use the power of combining cultures and connecting people in my work.

I live in the forest of Driebergen (NL) with my husband and 2 children. I love playing squash, socializing with friends, connecting with new people, travelling the world and being in nature.