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Vikram Bhatt Experienced Affiliate Advisor

I am passionate about furthering the work of intuitive design, building communities that facilitate shift in consciousness and transformational coach development. I love partnering leaders anchor in their purpose and live this one precious life in joyful ways; being inspirational role models in creating a more equitable and inclusive world.

Being a curious learner, I bring childlike wonder to facilitating and coaching. Integrating the spiritual with the practical allows me and my clients discover and live a life of meaning and impact.

My work with for profit organizational leadership teams, schools and NGO leaders usually includes a blend of purpose work, equity and minimizing power differentials and facilitating shift in consciousness – individual and collective. Increasingly I meet leaders who wish to leave a non– fragmented life and bring their wholeness in service to realizing the full potential of systems they serve.

My current interests include developing a body of work on intuitive intelligence and connected leadership (leadership wisdom through energy and vibrational engagement). This work has been designed in partnership with the Future leadership project at Thammasat university in Thailand. I currently serve on the board of ACTO (Association of coach training organizations) and will serve as its president for the year 2020–2021. Through Leadershipthatworks (I am founder of the India chapter) – we have developed and trained over two hundred coaches who practice within India, southeast Asia, Middle east, Germany and the US.

I live in Mumbai with my family. My twelve–year–old teaches me a precious lesson ever so often through his questions and our two year old Beagle Phoenix teaches us all how to practice unconditional loving.

The Leadershipthatworks core team in India is my extended family. I am a founding trustee for WethePeople – an organization that facilitates active citizenship through constitution literacy.