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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Shalini Matai Affiliate Advisor

‘Awareness is mind’s ability to illuminate its own mistaken thinking’. As leaders become aware of their own limiting mind–sets, transformation happens naturally. Excellence then becomes a natural outcome.

I facilitate the process of transformation that empowers leaders to connect with resources within; uncover hidden potential and possibilities in their lives & power within themselves. I do this by creating a context for learning. I bring awareness, compassion, joy, open–ness & my own wholeness, including my vulnerability.

My work life after MBA started as a merchandising and marketing professional. Completed CFA studies and worked as a financial analyst. An eternal passion for learning, growing and supporting growth directed me towards consciousness based work. I trained in Ontological and Transformational coaching to support transformation in self, others and organizations. I co–founded ICF Chapter in Jakarta and Co–founded International Academy for Deep Transformation in Indonesia. My involvement in Academy included programs design, development, delivery as well as ICF accreditation.

Born in India and moved over two decades back to Indonesia, where I live now with my husband and two teenage sons. My husband and I share a common passion for human potential development and transformation. Living overseas and working in a multi–cultural environment has helped me develop cross–cultural competencies and ability to look through the cultural discourses. Somatics/ Movement/Yoga (Body), Study/research (Mind–Intellect), and Meditation/ energy work (Spirit) help me become aware of and transcend limiting beliefs and patterns in my life and those of others I work with.