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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Sahar Schwaninger Affiliate Advisor

I am a leadership coach and facilitator of transformation moved by what becomes possible when we let go of limiting beliefs and lean into our co-creator power.

I have been working in human development since 2013, accompanying leaders and their teams on their individual and relational journeys. My intention is to seed paradigm shifts that will in turn transform society and free humanity. I also support businesses on the development and incarnation of their aspired culture.

Prior to my coaching work, I successfully held for 15 years, Management roles in Finance, Operations & Innovation with leading CPG companies in over 20 countries. While this background gives me a sharp understanding of business contexts and dynamics, it is my own personal journey of un-learning and surrendering to what is as well as the diverse encounters of life that feed my coaching work: I leverage intersectionality of seemingly disparate elements, the body system, the breath and meditative enquiry to bring forth my clients’ highest potential.

My key strength as a coach is to hold a loving vulnerable space of transformation and deeply challenge my clients at the same time. My inspiration is deep inner peace, infinite love and boundless hope. I am told my work has a magical impact.

My personal culture is nested in Iran and France and I have lived for 12 years in Zurich, Switzerland. I am married to a Swiss-American man and together we have 2 children who remind us the beauty of nourishing differences in the universality of being human. I speak six languages and yearn to live on the edge of all cultures, as a binding element.

When I am not working or spending time with my family, I love to dance, write, share stories or contemplate Nature.

Every day of life is precious, let us make each one an intentional and serendipitous work of art.