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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Robin Groeneveld Affiliate Advisor

Building on 22 years of experience with several international leadership programs and coaching hundreds of executives and teams, a vital part of my vision is that true leaders need to find a balance between power, wisdom and love. The times of the ego driven leader who is not able to lead from his heart, is not able to use his powers in a connective way and is not able to make wise decisions for the company and the society are over.

I have a thorough experience in guiding leaders trough a transformational process, which allows them to be more mindful, get better results, be more efficient and have greater impact on their organisation. I have a specific experience in guiding executives through an awareness process in which they find a dynamic balance between intuitive – and analytical thinking.

I started my career as founder and owner of an international working company focussing on innovation strategies. I have a very broad experience in different parts of society and in different senior positions, including government, university, management consultancy and highly specialised psychological consultancy firms. My broad experience brought me into the field of international Leadership development & transformation, working for companies like The Centre for creative Leadership and Oxford Leadership Academy and working within large multinational companies, such as Mars, Volvo, Philips, Fortum and ABN–AMRO.

I hold a MSC in organizational psychology from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and a PhD on intuitive thinking and professional performance from the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands. I have degree in visual arts – sculpturing, from the Free Academy of Sculpturing Arts, The Netherlands. I am a Board Certified Coach from the Centre for Credentialing & Education, USA and I am certified for a wide range of psychometric and 360 degree feedback instruments.

I live in a small village together with my wife Helena and my two sons Gijs and Teun. I find balance and joy in my life with sculpturing, meditation and reading & connecting with the old Egyptian spirituality.