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Malti Bhojwani Senior Affiliate Advisor

I love facilitating transformation in leaders and hence helping to positively impact the culture and performance in the businesses they run. Transformation happens through first self-acceptance then self-awareness to evolve our perspectives and create a desired future.

My passion is to connect deeply with people using empathy and humor. I have over 20 years’ experience in personalized executive coaching, designing and facilitating top leadership team alignment workshops and culture change journeys.

My clients most appreciate me for being able to quickly earn trust and are often amazed when I help create the space where emotions and real thoughts and beliefs are clearly expressed almost from the get-go.

I joined Aberkyn in 2015 and helped establish our presence in SEA by leading a complete Organizational Culture Transformation Journey with a top financial services company in Singapore through multiple innovative formats of intervention.

I have authored several books in the last decade: The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach; Don’t Think of a Blue Ball (translated into Bahasa Indonesia as “Buat Apa Susah”); Thankfulness, Appreciation, Gratitude, and my latest one was published in 2022 soon after I almost lost my mother only a year after my father had passed, “Mastering Your Life“.

I now live in Singapore again with my husband after spending a few years in Australia, Indonesia and India. I have a grown-up daughter who is a teacher and an author. I practice and teach meditation and when I’m not working or writing, I love walking outdoors, beach holidays, dancing and playing the piano.