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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Maggie Ellis Senior Affiliate Advisor
United Kingdom

Bringing my background in psychology and neuroscience to business, I love to analyse and then throw my energy into bringing high performing health to individuals, to teams and to systems. I believe there is always more human potential that we have not yet realised and I have spent over 20yrs learning and applying different modalities in order to ignite the ‘more’ that is in every one of us and our teams.

I spent my early years in Singapore and have lived the rest of my life in the UK. I became an accredited Psychotherapist and specialised in trauma work and family systems, before transferring my skills into a business context. I have been team coach to many top teams and am passionate about seeing the team multiply the effectiveness of the individuals. I work relationally with my clients to guide them through carefully designed programmes based on listening deeply to their needs and objectives. I have been the CEO of a charity, worked for other leading UK consultancies as well as my own business since 2008, before finding my community with Aberkyn.

I live on the south coast of England with my husband and have two adult children. We own a 40acre lake which keeps us endlessly outdoors tending to nature and creating what we can of the conditions for each tree and plant to flourish…it’s the same principles when I am in wellie boots and smattered with mud, to when I am in a suit!