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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Israel Oyelumade Experienced Affiliate Advisor
United Kingdom

After graduating in 1998 with a BA (Honors) from Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, I knew that the spoken word and the power it holds would be an intense passion of mine.

After 10 successful years of film, stage & TV in London’s West End & Hollywood, I started sensing that there was more to be done with my passion for communication. In 2008 I entered the corporate business arena and cross-trained into leadership development, conflict resolution, and top team effectiveness with an expertise in EP, story, oratory dynamics™ and quantum language™. I am a master coach for FCO equipping Ambassadors for their postings, enabling them to become more self aware and greater attuned to the new environments they would be stepping into.

In 2009 I became an associate of the Artesian Group and a coach of Executive Presence. In 2012 I became Senior Associate for Waverley Learning: I designed and facilitated workshops & coaching programs for a wide range of fortune 500 companies and throughout the world. I have worked with various Banking & retail sector companies: England, Norway, Middle east. UK new restaurant store opening leader and adviser for TGI Fridays.

After 12 years of coaching facilitation, I am still inspired by moving people from one paradigm to another, and  walking alongside global leaders and senior teams that truly want to make a positive impact in the world. I believe the greatest currency you have is you. How you communicate is paramount to the reach you will have and the legacy you will leave.

I have three lovely children with my Danish wife Catharine. We live in Bath, Southwest of England. When possible, I still produce and direct plays in the West End of London. We love music, theatre, foreign travel, sport, and are active in our local church. As a family, we are lovers of world cuisine.

My language is English.