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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Guillermo Alejandre Alba Engagement Manager

I am an engineer, coach and client counselor to support clients in their journey to greater internal and interpersonal wisdom and alignment to embrace their full potential as individuals and as teams.

Enabling this goal in the communities where I have immersed myself throughout the years has been a constant throughout my professional life. I grew up in Spain and have spent more than 15 years living and working in France, Brazil, Japan, and the United States, supporting organizations further their missions and visions. I also partner with several non-profits and education institutions to enable a more diverse and equitable understanding and practice of leadership. As a Hispano gay man, I bring a deep appreciation of the specific challenges faced by marginalized groups and how these manifest in our lives.

I live with my partner in New York (United States), where I enjoy sharing meaningful moments with those that are dear to me: practicing aerial silks, running, hiking, or simply an outdoor meal.