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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Geg Mas Savitri Junior Affiliate Advisor

I am passionate about engaging in transformation. About create powerful conversations that evoke curiosity and bring excitement and delight to the Soul. My desire is to work with people in their journey of consciousness. Ignite passion with a courageous heart and a compassionate soul.

My unique talents lie in helping clients to manifest their vision and encouraging them to ask for it. I help people see things differently, bringing forward to their conscious mind what was previously in their subconscious mind.

I am an Executive Coach and Human Resources Integrated System Consultant and prior to that a VP Human Resources at regional airlines in Indonesia. After having completed my certification as Ontological Coach I focused on pursuing my passion in Coaching and on learning to integrate Indonesia’s wisdom to Leadership practices. I am inspired to preserve, conserve and learn from Indonesia’s vast and various tribes.

As I work with seasoned managers in their leadership journeys, I also engage myself in further learning. Leadership embodiment is becoming a domain that I am always curious to learn more about and after having attended the Somatic Leadership module in Strozzi Institute in 2013, I immersed myself in Aikido practice. Indonesia, as a maritime nation, inspired me to learn about underwater world and this year I acquired my Open Water diving license.

I am inspired to integrate indigenous wisdoms to Leadership practices. I have a strong faith that regardless of our educational background, citizenship, religious practices – we are human beings that carry a deep wisdom and purpose. We can learn from one another and make this planet an amazing place to live.