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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Esther Kerstholt Senior Affiliate Advisor

My purpose in life is to unleash the hidden potential of leaders, teams and organizations around the globe. I am deeply passionate about connecting to the deeper values, beliefs and aspirations of executives and helping them transform the way they work, collaborate with colleagues, and renew themselves, their business, and the culture of their organization.

Along with supporting senior executives on an individual basis, I am a passionate facilitator of team and group processes that trigger collective shifts in mindsets and behaviors. I combine an empathic eye with a confrontational style and deep knowledge of psychological behavior. Organizational cultures and values – the heart of what make top teams and organizations “tick” – are an integrated part of all major transformational programs I run.

A high–performance team culture is based on trust, dialogue and brutal honesty. In my work I combine state–of–the–art practices and tools to bring these elements to live within a corporate context. The “hard” and “soft stuff” need to dance together; the head and the heart, the body, mind and spirit are intimately linked together.

For the last ten years, I have been an independent professional and executive coach at my own company, specializing in coaching and top team alignment programs. This has been a highly successful and entrepreneurial period in my life, which taught me the value of building strong client relationships and delivering excellent results. Before that, I gained extensive experience in leadership development and organizational performance in my work for the European Corporate Finance Practice of McKinsey & Company.

I earned a BA in organizational communications and an MBA from the University of Westminster in London. I am also trained in MBTI, Cultural Transformation Tools by Richard Barrett’s, and transformational facilitation by Gita Bellin. I received a degree in ontological coaching by Newfield Network (Julio Olalla) and the MMS Institute, and an internationally certified coach diploma (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.

I live in the heart of Amsterdam with my husband, Ruben, and our son and daughter, who are my biggest passion in life. I also love theatre and classical music, travelling to South Africa and Brazil, horse riding and painting.