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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Enrique Dilucca Affiliate Advisor

I am an educator, facilitator, coach, mentor, curious, learner, passionate about the human being and the paths of transformation. I work to offer clients continuous creative co-creative spaces.

My mission in this life is to be in an attitude of service to support people and organizations that seek evolution, with a look from opportunity and from abundance. I was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, and in 1980 I responded to a job opportunity in Brazil, where I currently reside. My personal and professional journey has always been juicy and generous in experiences that have allowed me to increase my awareness and responsibility. I am Latin American and I have had the grace to travel this Latin America, recognize and learn from its cultures and make contributions, about inspiring Leadership, building high impact teams, developing and transforming organizational cultures, in different industries. I am a coach of CEOs and Executive Directors, for the multidimensional development of competencies and to respond productively to a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world.

I am married to Maria del Carmen, who is very committed to Education in all its dimensions, we have 4 children who gave us 6 grandchildren, we live in São Paulo, Brazil, we are happy, fun and committed to our environment. I work co-creating projects and social businesses, from a company run by two of my children. I worked 11 years in the academic environment.

I believe that all human evolution begins with self-awareness, is nurtured with feedback, is carried out by choice, and is sustained by continuous and networked development.