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A McKinsey Company
Carlo Clerico Affiliate Advisor

Through my four professional roles: humanistic psychotherapist, university professor, author
and consultant/lecturer, I seek to accompany leaders and groups to discover and harness
their true potential, for the good of themselves, their families and our communities.

As a psychotherapist, I have spent the last 25 years of my life accompanying individuals
and families who have lived through acute trauma (especially families with a dying child,
or families with missing persons). Being able to get close to this human frontier, to this
extreme human reality has allowed me to observe carefully how change and adaptation
occur. It has been my mission to share what I have learned there, to put it at the service
of those of us who live in a less complex situation: companies, civil society and religious
organizations, families, couples and marriages, schools and people who seek to find
humanized ways to face and flow productively in reality. Providing others (and myself)
with possibilities to adapt to reality is what I do best.

I am Italian and Mexican, I grew up in Mexico amidst fantastic colors and flavors and
unparalleled magical realism; I have lived in Mexico City, Zihuatanejo, Washington, DC,
Paris and Barcelona, and now I have settled in Torino, Italy, the city of chocolate and the
automobile, of risotto and progressive thinking, of Barolo and the Holy Shroud, of baroque architecture and engineering.