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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Arzum Akduran Affiliate Advisor

My purpose is to evoke conscious and intentional leadership and relationships in organizations and communities, which I believe, has a power to change the world.

To fulfill this dream, I work as a leadership development and relationship systems coach, as well as designing and facilitating workshops. For the last 15 years, I have served clients in multiple geographies and industries, coaching, facilitating, designing and leading team and individual programs to improve the effectiveness of leaders, teams and organizations.

Clients often tell me that I bring a good balance of feminine and masculine leadership energies, relationship systems intelligence, authenticity, care and structure, which creates a great amount of trust for the work to be done.

A business owner since 2003 and an entrepreneur in the coaching and consultancy sector, I hold an MA in Economics, and along the way have been accredited in coaching, facilitation, systems constellations and more. I also believe that I need to serve the society and give back as I have the privilege to reach all this knowledge. One thing that helps me to realize this dream is the civil movement, I developed, called “courageous conversations” that I lead to support peace in my land.

I live near the forests of Istanbul, with my husband, 6 year old son and our 2 dogs. I believe my son and my dogs to be the biggest teachers in my life. I love to travel, read, dance, sail and to be in the nature. I value all our relationships in the earth and do my best to live honoring all rights of life. I meditate, practice yoga and spend time in the nature to balance myself.