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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Anja Stubenrauch Senior Affiliate Advisor

Aligning strategy, culture and leadership behaviours to enable execution is my real passion. Performance is for me the result achieved with a culture of trust and an actively lived purpose.

I want to inspire work environments where employees feel home and experience true development of their potential. Raising consciousness and creating a next level of growth, eliminating fear & blockages and engaging clients as whole leaders is how work. I combine a focus on results with the approach of organizational health to achieve success in an easy and playful way. Passion, wisdom, clarity and pushing out of the comfort zone are my strengths.

With my husband Christoph and our three children we live nearby Zurich/Switzerland and enjoy the lake and  multi–culti–Switzerland. I love Tennis, Skiing, House Dance, Mountains, Magic Places, Books and inspirational people. And the Seeschau, a place where I spiritually grow.