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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.
— Rumi
Welcome to Aberkyn

We are a leadership and culture transformation community. We make change personal, at scale and systemic.

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About Us

We live in an age of unprecedented change and challenges.

Our purpose is to expand consciousness with leaders to be a force for good in our world. By gaining insight into habitual mindsets and behaviors and a deeper awareness of interconnections in our world, leaders become better equipped to lead themselves and others.

Our work with leaders, teams and organizations integrates the latest organizational science, ancient wisdom and pragmatic business practices. We grow, explore and shape new approaches at the confluence of organizational culture and business performance.

Always starting from the heart we come with care and compassion and create the experiences and the courageous conversations that are needed. We live our values of trust, ownership, excellence, courage, wholeness, and care in all we do.

McKinsey has always been a great partner on this journey. To accelerate our growth and impact, since 2017, we are now integrated in McKinsey & Company.

Learning Lab
About Our Programs

As facilitators of transformation, we at Aberkyn help leaders navigate both the “personal” and “systemic” dimensions. Both are indispensable to catalyze and sustain transformational change. For change to be transformational, leaders need to shift behavioral patterns and root cause mindsets. Of themselves and the people they work with. Only when that happens, change is irreversible, and impact will prevail.

Our Learning Lab offers two sets of programs, Lotus Self and Lotus Teams. Both are designed for business leaders and facilitators who seek support with personal, team and organizational transformation.

We help you engage with your whole self – head, hands, and heart – to discover and unlock your potential and lift your leadership to the next level. With our holistic approach, you learn an array of new options for dealing with business challenges and gain a deep understanding of how to lead and sustain transformation. We prepare you to deal with relationships and emotions, recognize and influence group dynamics, and become a role model of the change you want to see in your team, your organization, and the wider world.

In our programs we invite you to deepen your personal journey and become a masterful transformational leader or facilitator of transformation by leading from a place of purpose and meaning.

Kyn Dialogues

Interviews, Case Studies and Background Stories

When leaders expand their level of consciousness they build organizations in which people thrive, are fully engaged, creative and work powerfully together.

Open Kyn Dialogues

Who We Are
Our Name

People often ask about our unusual name. We chose it because of the powerful meanings it evokes.

Aber is a word of Celtic origin meaning a confluence of rivers. When two rivers come together they gain in force and momentum, symbolizing the energy needed to overcome challenges and lead change. The two Aberkyn rivers represent business performance and organizational health as we believe both need to be integrated to unlock transformations.

Kyn is an old Norse word meaning community with kinship representing our intention to nurture a community of facilitators of transformation, thought leaders and practitioners.