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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Teresa Woodland Affiliate Advisor
United States

I am a trusted advisor, coach, and facilitator supporting executives that are leading their people in shaping the future.

Since I began working in China in the mid 1980s,un I have been helping people to thrive in complex, rapidly changing environments. I help leaders and intact teams resolve strategic challenges in a way that promotes growth. My work focuses on challenging contexts (e.g., emerging markets, disrupted industries, high-stakes joint ventures, NGOs) in Asia, the US, and Europe. With my deep listening, keen insight, and compassionate curiosity, I nurture clients as they articulate, explore, and adjust mindsets that share strategies and determine modes of operating. In addition to facilitating transformation and cultivating growth, I have designed and led executive education programs for leading organizations and global business schools.

In 2016, I returned to the US with my two adopted children. We have cultivated a self-supporting network of international families in our local community, helping people build rich lives in the US.