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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Roland Hess Senior Affiliate Advisor

I am a ‘system thinker’ who cares deeply about our future and the planet. My belief is that the future has already arrived but needs to be distributed for the benefit of all. Conversations as well as bringing the meaningfulness back into the world of data are both transformational Segways into delivering creative solutions to the world.” I lead large cultural transformations in organizations creating sustainable impact and  helping to initiate the shifts we need for the future and the planet.

My passion is to create great human experiences and scale behavioral change. Understanding an organization as a “system”, identifying its blocking mental models are instrumental in successful corporate transformations. In describing how these mental models impact our own day to day behavior, I enjoy helping to overcome these by focusing on the ‘joy of getting better’.

I am living in Germany as well as Vienna and London. Joy in life for me means being with family and friends and creating joint experiences on runs, hikes, the tennis court, a sailboat or cooking and eating together.