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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Pradeep Chakravarthy Junior Affiliate Advisor

“Working together makes us stronger – just like many weak strands of grass when woven together can even bind a mighty elephant”, A 1500yr old Indian wise saying.

I am a TEDx speaker, author of 5 books and a behaviorist. I look at how corporates can alter their behavior by using Indian and World history and philosophy to balance tasks and relationships to enhance their performance.

I worked for twenty years in organizations where I independently managed large behavior–based business transformation programs or managed learning and development for more than 40,000 colleagues across the globe and also hired senior leaders or worked in automobile companies where I worked closely with unions to usher in TQM/TPM systems. I graduated from LSE, am widely travelled to unique destinations like Mongolia and have been actively working on promoting Indian heritage to domestic and overseas visitors. Currently doing my PhD on how religious institutions functioned as socio–economic seats of power in medieval India.

I am deeply passionate about this work because I believe everyone can live a life to their fullest potential, and my way of doing that is to find ways to contribute to others to become who they aspire to become. I live with my car/truck crazy 10–year–old in an old home with a lovely garden that nourishes my soul!