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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Pooja Surajmal PD Manager
Netherlands , Breukelen

As the Global Professional Development Manager, I lead the People Topics working closely with the leadership of Aberkyn as well as McKinsey. I have been part of McKinsey for over 12 years and then joined Aberkyn as of last year. I love being in this space and doing my contribution towards growth and development of my colleagues in the firm.

In the people function, I am closely involved in Attraction, Staffing, HR and Professional Development function. One would imagine after being so long in the firm you have learned everything possible in a particular function but after joining Aberkyn I realized there is so much more to learn and grow. I am fortunate to be part of a group whose sole purpose is to care and help each other. Aberkyn believes in transforming leaders through transforming self and this mindset shift is the most important ingredient that I am learning in day to day basis. Excited to be here in this part of my career journey.

For now I live in Netherlands and my siblings are spread over Australia and India and most of my family and friends are in Dubai so I call myself a Global Citizen. Having lived in Dubai most of my life, I think it comes closest to home after India, therefore at some point next year I will plan to return there. Meanwhile loving and making the most of my time in Holland enjoying nature and serenity.