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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Philippine Risch Partner

Every change begins with people and is made or broken by people. It is my firm belief that the key to successful transformation lies in leaders and employees embracing, owning and truly internalizing the change.

This requires mind & heart, hard & soft skills and digital technology & human empathy to be connected and integrated. I am fascinated by the future of work and leadership; New meaning and more human as well as technological leadership is required to deal with the speed of change. The ones who lead from purpose, are ahead of their technological game and are successfully engaging and right–skilling their talent, will be tomorrow’s winners.

It is my purpose to help people and organizations be the best version of themselves, so they can anticipate the future of work and make change happen sustainably, purposeful and at scale, while creating value for the end–customer.

I am a business leader with 21 years of experience in Marketing, (digital and physical) Distribution, Sales, Operations and IT in Retail Banking, with a spike on digital transformation, agility and employee empowerment at scale. In my last role (2011 – 2018) I was Chief Distribution Officer ING Netherlands. As a mature leader “in the field” I have not only learnt about the many theories and methods, but have practiced those in day to day life while leading also in “stormy weather”. I have experienced what works in transformations, what does not work and how to overcome and deal with that. In my last roles I was known for combining strategic vision with execution power and human centric leadership as well as for connecting “board–room” to “work–floor”, leading to measurable impact.

I recently joined McKinsey, as an Aberkyn Partner, to sustain companies across sectors undergoing profound change, by connecting strategy and business logic with leadership and behavioral change. My main focus is on digital, agile and purposeful transformations. And I love to partner, co–create and drive a transformation side–by–side with clients, preferably for a longer period to experience and be confronted with the impact and result of the change.

When not working, I love to spend time with my loved ones, preferably outdoors, sailing, skiing and playing hockey on grass.