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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Marwan Aljahani Affiliate Advisor
Saudi Arabia

I am a facilitator, executive coach and advisor who believes in creating possibilities and work with clients that want to transform the culture and the mindset by working with deep beliefs and values.

I was born and grew up in Saudi Arabia, I have worked side–by–side with organizations and nations to realize their purpose through the leadership and values. I led workshops in Saudi, GCC, Europe and Singapore. I facilitate dialogues and intervention in the domain of personal and team transformation, and leadership development,

Inside the workplace, I serve executives to identify their why and purpose in the complex world, we work with methods, process and structuring thoughts and how to be in the balcony and the dance moments to create more space for trust, growth and innovation.

Currently, I live in the heart of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. Close to the great growth of transformation and around ambiguous purposeful leaders. I love to connect with nature for longer periods of time. When I am not working or travelling. I enjoy spending time with my wife and with our two little daughters and being fully with them, learning how to be in life in a pure mind and soul.