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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Gaurav Arora Affiliate Advisor

I am a facilitator, coach and a story teller who believes in creating possibilities and enabling transformation for self and others.

Born and raised in India, I have worked with several organizations and led workshops in India, China, Indonesia and Thailand. I facilitate workshops and intervention in the domain of Personal Transformation, Leadership Development, and assisting Leaders become Coaches. I have been coaching for last 12 years and have close to 2700 hrs of coaching experience. I also work closely with several not for profit organizations in India and started a social development initiative called ‘iOwn’ in 2016. The objective of this initiative is to leverage the power of Coaching, Story Telling and Facilitation to develop leaders at the grass–root level. My work is aligned with my highest values including Authenticity, Gratitude, Contribution.

I also have had the honor of hosting a podcast series called ‘Coaching Matters’ in which, I interviewed few stalwarts of the Coaching Industry including Sir John Whitmore, Sue Knight, Sandy Vilas, and few ICF Past Presidents. In my free time, I love reading, riding my bike and do calligraphy.