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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Gaby Bruggink Chief Operating Officer

As COO of Aberkyn I am happy to do my share in taking Aberkyn to the next level, looking at the internal processes, to enable our community so that they can best serve our Clients.

In doing this I aim to find practical solutions, make challenging things work, unravel seemingly complex problems and bring them back to manageable size. Throughout my career, which I began as corporate lawyer and continued in several managerial roles, within Human Resources, Business line management and as COO, this has been may way of working and this is what gives me energy. After 17 years within the IT consultancy industry, it is great to be part of the Aberkyn Community, where organisational health combined with performance are in the heart of the Community.

Together with my three kids I live in a small village in the centre of the Netherlands. Besides working I spend most of my time doing fun things with my kids and friends, or doing something ‘creative’.