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A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
A McKinsey Company
Azzan Lootah Affiliate Advisor
United Arab Emirates

“Are you living a life of purpose? A life of conscious decisions? Or do you wake up every morning dragging your feet to whatever it is you ‘need’ to do that day?”

That is what I bring to the table when dealing with clients; seeing the big picture, understanding the impact of actions, actually working towards inspiring and engaging dreams.

With corporations, the mastery is then making that dream a shared one, where everyone can see their role and impact towards that vision, and how it actually serves them, individually.

I am driven by the belief that we all can be better; individuals, teams and organizations.

Sports play a major (and centering) part in my life, whether it’s preparing for a Super–Sprint Triathlon, Endurance Horse Riding, Weight–lifting or getting certified as a Martial Arts instructor.

Somewhere between all that, I found the time to get married, have and raise five kids.